Baby Lock Vibrant Review: How Does This Serger Stack Up?

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If you’ve been considering a Baby Lock serger, you’ve probably been thinking about some of the company’s unique labour-saving features like air-threading and auto tension. You’ve probably also noticed that those features come with a hefty price tag. The Baby Lock Vibrant is Baby Lock’s most affordable serger model. How does it stack up?

About the Baby Lock Vibrant

Although industrial overlock machines have been around since the nineteenth century, the home serger is a fairly recent invention. Baby Lock released their first model onto the market in 1967. It had one needle, two threads, and no differential feed. [1]

Today’s Baby Lock sergers are a lot more advanced than that. Some automatically adjust the tension of the threads. Many have not only self-threading loopers, but also self-threading needles. There are also unique proprietary stitches, special extra-wide cutting ranges, and more.

You can check out some of these features in the Acclaim, which is Baby Lock’s current top-of-the-line model.

The Baby Lock Vibrant is the entry-level model in the lineup. It’s priced considerably lower than the next serger up, the Victory. In fact, the Vibrant is the only Baby Lock serger at a mid-range price point. Depending on your retailer, the actual price may fall toward the top or the middle of that range.

The question that’s probably on your mind now is, what do you get for your money? 

Obviously, one can’t expect an entry-level model to have all of the premium features included with the most expensive machines. And indeed, the Baby Lock Vibrant doesn’t have anything that you won’t find on most sergers at this price point.

At the same time, there’s nothing missing, either. 

A lot of times companies that make premium equipment will put together a bare-bones model for people who love the brand but can’t afford their higher-end machines. These bargain machines can be disappointingly light on features and can sometimes seem like an afterthought.

But Baby Lock didn’t skimp on their entry-level serger. The company has dedicated as much thought and effort to this end of the range as they have to the higher-end machines. And the Vibrant has all the dealbreaker functions that we want in a mid-range serger.

baby lock vibrant lay-in tensions

This is a 2-3-4 serger with colour-coded threading and lay-in thread tension. It has differential feed and a built-in rolled hem. Its maximum stitch length and width are about the same across the range, and the Vibrant is about the same size as the other models, too.

What’s more, this care and attention that Baby Lock put into the build shine through in the Vibrant’s consistently glowing customer reviews.

So let’s have a look.

What’s in the box? 

Accessories that come with the Baby Lock Vibrant Serger, include:

  • A stitch finger
  • Serger needles
  • Replacement cutting blade
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench
  • Lint brush
  • Oiler
  • Four thread nets
  • Four spool caps
  • Accessory storage bag

Technical Specifications

babylock vibrant in use

Baby Lock Vibrant Pros And Cons

  • Sews with two, three, and four threads
  • Extended differential feed range
  • Good selection of built-in stitches
  • Wide range stitch lengths and widths
  • Retractable thread cutter
  • Built-in trim trap
  • Very decent accessories pack
  • Affordable
  • You have to remove the stitch finger for some types of stitching

What Type of Serger Do You Need?

If you’ve made the decision to buy a serger, you probably have a few projects in mind. It’s important to understand, however, that there are a few different types of sergers. On top of that, not all of them are appropriate for every project.

So, what sort of serger are you looking for?

Number of Threads

baby lock vibrant 4-3-2 thread serger

One of the first questions is, how many threads do you need?

The majority of mid-range home sergers are 2-3-4 sergers. That is, they sew with two, three, and four threads. 

You’ll find some budget 2-3-4 sergers. However, a number of budget sergers only sew with three and four threads.

There are also sergers that sew with up to eight threads. In general, however, if you want more than four threads, that will bump you up into the premium price range.

So, how many threads do you actually need? That depends on what type of sewing you see yourself doing.

Many people buy sergers to create strong, flexible overcast seams. For this purpose, three and four threads will suffice.

If, however, you’re intending to work with light fabrics, and especially if you’re planning on doing delicate decorative edging, then you’ll need a serger that also has two-thread capabilities.

In general, the more threads you use, the stronger (and bulkier) your seams will be. If you see yourself working with thick, heavy duty fabrics like denim, then you may want to look into a serger that sews with five or more threads.

Stitch Selection

Not every serger will do every type of stitch. So before you commit to a model, explore the different serger stitch types and try to find the combination that best fits your needs.

Some common stitch types include:

  • Three-thread overlock (narrow and wide)
  • Three-thread flatlock
  • Four-thread overlock (narrow and wide)
  • Mock safety stitch
  • Three-thread rolled hem
  • Blind hem

In addition, you might want one or more of the following:

  • Two-thread rolled hem
  • Two-thread flatlock
  • Picot stitch
  • Chainstitch


You might come across a type of sewing machine called a coverstitch machine. A coverstitch machine is similar to a serger and can do some of the same things. However, there are some important differences (you can find out more about sergers, coverstitchers, and coverlockers here).

First, most sergers sew with two needles. A coverstitch machine has three or four.

Also, a serger has a blade that trims fabric edges while you sew. A coverstitch machine has no cutting blade.

A coverstitch machine sews two lines of stitches at the seam, and uses only one looper thread for overcasting. This creates a more visible seam finish.

Coverstitch machines also typically have more work space to the right of the needles. Finally, coverstitch machines can do more “regular” sewing tasks than sergers can. By the same token, they may have a different set of built-in stitches from your serger.

The Cover Stitch and the Euphoria are Baby Lock’s coverstitch options. You can see the Euphoria in action here.

Features and Benefits Review of the Baby Lock Vibrant

The Baby Lock Vibrant has an abundance of the features that the general purpose home sewist uses most in a serger.

2-3-4 Thread Serging

The Baby Lock Vibrant is a powerful 2-3-4 thread serger. This means that you can sew a variety of three and four thread seams. At the same time, you can also use two threads for more delicate work.

Extended Differential Feed Range

baby lock vibrant differential feed

A regular sewing machine has one set of feed dogs that move the fabric through the machine. A serger has two sets.

For many types of sewing, you’ll want the feed dogs to move at the same speed. However, for other types of sewing, such as making ruffles and working with knits, you may want them to work at different speeds.

The differential feed mechanism allows you to adjust the speed of the two sets of feed dogs with relation to one another.

Most modern sergers have a differential feed mechanism. Not all do, however. 

The Baby Lock Vibrant not only has a differential feed mechanism, but it also allows a greater range of adjustment than many sergers at this price point.

Stitch Length and Width Selection Knobs

Both a serger and a regular sewing machine have a knob that allows you to adjust the length of your stitches. But, unlike a regular sewing machine, many sergers lack a dial that allows you to adjust stitch width. 

The Baby Lock Vibrant has a stitch width selector, which spares you the trouble of making more complicated width adjustments.

Retractable Thread Cutter

baby lock vibrant retractable thread cutter

There’s no need to reach for your scissors or snips to cut your thread end. The Baby Lock Vibrant has a thread cutter that pops up with the push of a button.

Built-In Trim Trap

baby lock vibrant trim trap

Sergers trim the seam edges as you sew. This creates an even, professional-looking seam, but it also creates quite a bit of mess.

The Baby Lock Vibrant has a built-in waste receptacle. This is more exciting than it sounds. Quite a few mid-range and lower-end sergers lack this basic convenience. What’s more, if you want to buy a trim trap separately, it might surprise you how much you’ll end up paying for it.

Alternatives to the Baby Lock Vibrant

No review would be complete without a look at the competition. Here are a few models that we think are worthy competitors to the Baby Lock Vibrant.

Brother ST4031HD

brother st4031hd serger

The Brother ST4031HD is a small but powerful 3-4 serger that comes at a comparable price to the Vibrant.

On one hand, this serger only sews with three and four threads. So if you’re looking for something to do decorative edging on light fabrics, this isn’t your machine.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a serger to do strong, stretchy garment seams, the Brother ST4031HD can give you that, plus a bit more.

The HD in this machine’s name stands for “heavy duty.” That means a heavy duty metal frame, which, in turn, means a greater ability to handle heavier fabrics like denim.

It also comes with a detachable extension table, and a generous selection of other goodies.

Singer Pro Finish 14CG754

singer 14CG754 PROFINISH

The Singer Pro Finish 14CG754 is a full-featured 2-3-4 serger that’s excellent value for money.

In addition to two-thread, three-thread, and four-thread capabilities, you get:

  • A free arm
  • Four built-in rolled hems
  • 1,300 stitches per minute
  • A very complete accessories pack

This is actually a bit more machine than the Vibrant for a bit less money. So if you want to maximize available features while minimizing price, then this could be your model.

Janome MyLock 634D

janome mylock 634d serger

The Janome MyLock 634D is a 2-3-4 serger from Janome. 

Depending on your retailer, you might find the Janome MyLock 634D at about the same price as the Baby Lock Vibrant, or for a bit more.

Janome, like Baby Lock, makes premium machines. This model provides some premium features, as well, including a lower looper that both threads itself and has a lower looper pretension slider.

It also comes with a decent assortment of needles and other handy accessories. 

Baby Lock Vibrant Review: A Solid Serger at an Honest Price

color coded threading baby lock vibrant

The Baby Lock Vibrant may not have all of the automated bells and whistles of Baby Lock’s upper tier models. But, as customer feedback clearly shows, the Vibrant can hold its own amongst sergers in the same category.

The Baby Lock Vibrant is a mid-range serger at a mid-range price. It has all of the features we would expect from a serger in this category. And Baby Lock appears to have put the same amount of care into its creation as they have into the creation of their higher-end sergers.

Whether you’re looking for a first serger or your fifth, this powerful, easy-to-use 2-3-4 serger will make an excellent addition to any sewing room.

baby lock vibrant reviews


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